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Calling all Aspiring, Seasoned and Veteran Virtual Assistants
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2016 Virtual Assistants Industry Comprehensive Survey

2016 VA Industry Survey Pre-Registration

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From time to time, the Alliance for Virtual Businesses (A4VB) conducts online surveys to learn from Virtual Assistant (VA) industry professionals like you about your use of and preference for tools, education opportunities, marketing strategies and other industry changes that keep you current and impact business development and growth. We conducted our last Survey in 2011…so we thought it a good time to see how the industry has changed.

The Survey is quite comprehensive (including demographics, discussion about your practice, establishing rates, the latest marketing tools, and trends, etc.). It ought to take about 30-60 minutes to complete the 150-point questionnaire.

Results can be used to assist VAs at any level (Aspiring, Seasoned, Veterans, for example) to market, to promote and operate their businesses, to network, and a whole lot more.

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After you have completed the Survey and the results tabulated you will receive a FREE EXCERPT of the results.

The Survey will be available at Survey Monkey from September 15, through September 30, 2016. Key areas to be covered include:

  • Rates and Salary Data
  • Clients Served
  • Marketing Methods
  • Services Offered
  • Daily Operations
  • Business Planning & Insurance
  • Credentials & Certifications
  • Technology
  • Website, Social Media & Blogging Practices
  • Overview of Best Practices
  • Overview of International Trends
  • and much more!

Privacy Guaranteed. Respondents’ names will not be included in the data compilations, nor will personal, identifiable information be associated with responses in any reports of these data, although we will use the responses as a whole to gather, to calculate, and to analyze the results.

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2016 VA Industry Survey Pre-Registration

 We respect your email privacy