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5 reasons unhappy customers lose trust and how to make them happy

5 reasons unhappy customers lose trust and how to make them happy


One of the biggest concerns business owners have is satisfying unhappy customers when they’ve made a mistake. Sometimes, the buyer may say, “it’s okay, no big deal”. In other cases, there are legitimate reasons unhappy customers lose trust in your ability to provide the services/benefits you were hired for. 

What triggers customer distrust?

Evasive answers! After you have reported the error or problem, the client asks for an explanation. Your response sounds as though you are avoiding the question. Instead of being evasive, be honest, answer the question directly, and then explain.

Another distrust trigger is over-exaggeration! If you offer a product or service that you are incapable of delivering, the customer may question everything you say.

But, if you tell the truth and take responsibility, they may give you another opportunity to solve their problems.

Every opportunity that improves your image and reliability increases trust and answer the “credibility” question.

The credibility questions

  1. Are you credible?
  2. Should I trust you?
  3. Are you capable of delivering on your promises?

Who can best answer these questions?

People who have dealt with you or purchased in the past.

Credibility is earned based upon your actions and the products or services you offered in the past. It grows from your ability to follow through, garners positive feedback and is a compliment to your business.

Credibility is usually built over time. Even when you haven’t established it, the customer may make an initial buy. But, if there is a problem and it isn’t fixed, they probably will not buy again.

If you can get customers to trust you, it’s easier to grow and nurture your business. If you lose trust, it’s difficult to restore.

This video describes the 5 examples of situations when customers lose trust in their supplier. Detailed explanations for each reason are provided below the video.


5 reasons unhappy customers lose trust and how to make them happy

Do not misrepresent features or benefits

Reason 1. Misrepresenting the features or benefits of your product or service. You fail to provide all the information (pros and cons) about the item.

The Fix:  Communicate what’s unique about your product and what that means to your client. Then tell them why purchasing from YOU is more than worth it.

Do not promise what you cannot deliver.

Reason 2. Over promising on something you know you can’t deliver. If you say your product or service features and benefits will deliver…make sure they do. Once clients get “turned off”, they seldom return to buy again.

The Fix: Be honest with your customers. Provide exactly what you say, with all the bells and whistles. Value-add is important. Include an unexpected bonus or benefit, customers will remember and possibly buy again.

Do not hide mistakes

Reason 3. Making excuses or hiding mistakes. If there is a problem or the delivery date has changed, don’t place blame, address the issue, directly.

The Fix:  Explain the corrective steps you have taken. Apologize profusely, and make sure it doesn’t happen again. Make sure your products and services are equal to the quality and reliability of similar items and pricing offered by your competitors.

Bad content are reasons unhappy customers lose trust

Reason 4.  Lack of smart content marketing.  One of the most important ways customers learn about new products and services is to read about them online.  Your blog articles, case studies, social media posts, etc. Buyers look for sources they can trust to learn about your product/service. If they can’t find you or research you, they probably won’t trust you.

The Fix:  Keep your online presence current with content that reflects your capabilities/expertise. Stay on top of and even ahead of their expectations. Be the go-to resource for the newest information about products and services customers look for.

reasons unhappy customers lose trust

Reason 5.  Not following-up with the right questions. A prospective client has reached out or completed a response form on your website. You immediately begin a sales pitch instead of engaging the prospect. You don’t learn about their needs and how you can solve their specific problems.

The Fix: Consider each prospect as a potential long-term investment – not a short-term opportunity. Ask questions and listen carefully and patiently to their answers. The more you let customers talk and express their needs and concerns. the more you will learn.

Effective customer service

After you have identified the exact reason why customers distrust you, fixed it.

Ask your customers to give you feedback after every purchase to see if your business met their expectations.

In case of negative feedback, work on those areas which need improvement and then get back to your customers. Inform them about the changes being implemented so that customers know that your business values their suggestions.


Assess your performance in business areas which significantly affect your customer’s satisfaction levels. Initiate a customer feedback system where they can voice objections, suggest changes or provide endorsements.

Satisfied customers will contribute to your business for years, through their purchases and through recommendations and referrals of your business. So, by implementing these policies and providing great customer service, you may change how clients feel about your business, improve customer service and turn buyers into “happy customers” who eventually become raving fans.

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