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5 Tips to Boost Your Powerful Social Media Content

5 Tips to Boost Your Powerful Social Media Content


Has your social media marketing increased your sales or connections to your target audience?

Are you reaching your short and long term online marketing goals?

Have you thought about using different communication tools across your favorite channels?

The Big 5.

The Big 5 social media marketing platforms are Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Instagram. Entrepreneurs should choose which to focus on, depending upon their goals and objectives.

Goals could include:

  • recognition as an industry leader,
  • raising brand engagement,
  • increasing subscribers,
  • building or increasing an online community,
  • selling products or services
  • or other purposes.

So, whatever your reason for generating more buzz online, your social media campaign will help achieve them.

Next, select the favorite marketing channel(s) of your target audience. Remember, potential customers want to connect with you on their social network of choice. So, you want to be where they are spending time (and money).

Apply your traditional social marketing connection strategies, and include some of the following newer strategies to boost your exposure, such as:

Live Streams.

Facebook livestream is a new social media marketing tool

Facebook reaches 1.6 billion users, is the biggest social media network on the Internet. It’s the most popular social marketing channel and your target audience share great content and love to interact.

Live streaming provides opportunities to showcase your personality and knowledge with participants. Hosts can stream quick tips, news updates, product launches or reviews, interviews, tutorials and even inspirational stories.

Your stream can run as long or as short as you desire. It offers opportunities for one-to-one or mass communication with followers and new prospects.

Also, Facebook Live provides 10 analytic tools for measuring your performance. Download a Hubspot guide about setting up Facebook Live at How to Use Facebook Live: A Complete Guide.


Create a short recording showcasing your knowledge and expertise. This audio file can showcase a tip or point of view. The same number of Americans listen to podcasts and use Twitter.

57 million listen to podcasts, worldwide. Another way to share your recording is by transcribing the audio file and creating a pdf for individuals who prefer the content in a downloadable format.

Consider creating your recording or podcast in Google Hangouts, Audacity, or Skype. Choose a site to host the recording. Options include SoundCloud, Amazon S3, Libsyn, Podomatic or your own website.


Infographics provide a clear and concise graphical way to share information. They offer innovative ways to display content that can attract attention.

The material can highlight your expertise or present new data about the subject matter. These graphics are useful for the busy person who only has time to scan material.

Businesses develop infographics to increase brand awareness and traffic. They showcase statistics, business development, generate engagement and can increase Google rankings.

Include your company name and URL on the infographic so when shared, your company is acknowledged as the source.

Infographic research resources include and pdf startup statistics. Other research sites and tools include BuzzSumo, Google search, and Google News. Companies like, or DIY sites like can help with creating your product.


Slideshare is a social media marketing tool

A perfect way to share presentations, how-to guides, even curated content. Lesser known SlideShare benefits include video integration and ease of adding curated content.

SlideShare can also serve as an effective content marketing tool. Linking back to your site or to resources, articles or tools that you mention can provide extra exposure. SlideShare is an excellent branding tool that can be tracked and updated regularly.

Two useful resources entrepreneurs access when developing slide decks are Canva and Haiku Deck. Each site offers free and paid theme selections.

Download free SlideShare templates created by Hubspot here.

LinkedIn Pulse.

LinkedIn has over 400 million members in 200 countries and territories. Pulse can provide meaningful conversations and engagement with these individuals.

Content is published immediately. Short articles of good content (less than 1,000 words) can increase search engine visibility. Popular channels include business, careers, and self-improvement. Other content channels are also popular.

Alert followers by promoting your content on social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. If you include a link back to your article in those social media posts you bring people back to your Pulse story.


Ever so often, these channels end old features and launch new tools, algorithms, analytics, etc. They try to capture more participants and increase audience interaction. It’s up to you to take advantage of the new features and use them to connect with your target audience.

Once you have added your high-quality content across the various social media marketing channels, don’t forget to use it offline, too.

This combined exposure strategy will increase customer attention and boost loyalty and retention. It will also increase your ability to connect with new influencers, potential partners, and prospects interested in your product or services.

Implementing these social media marketing suggestions help you become more effective in presenting your message and achieving your goals.


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