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6 Social Media Marketing Tips to Gain Valuable Customers

6 Social Media Marketing Tips to Gain Valuable Customers

These 6 social media marketing tips can help you gain valuable customers and put your name in front of your target audience in powerful, inexpensive, and entertaining ways.

Let’s face it, knowing how to talk to your customers is critical to your success and social media is another way of connecting. Virality, engagement, likes, retweets, following, and sharing are all good things and if your social media management does not promote this kind of activity, then it’s not worth it to keep trying . . .
In other words, if you don’t have the time or wherewithal to use these types of engagement, my suggestion – hire a pro to do it for you.

Customer engagement through communicating

When using social media to market your business, you are communicating with people. Not at them!
Your customers engage with you easier than via traditional media such as TV or radio because social media facilitates a two-way conversation, not a one-sided point of view.
So, the questions you need to ask yourself are, what type of media content gets “love” and what kind of content will give you the most “value”? Below are a few attention-grabbing types of content:

First 3 of 6 social media marketing tips to gain valuable customers

1. Infographics.

Infographics are presentations of data or information shared in a visual way, using graphics. They’re viewed more, loved more and shared more, compared to other content types. Infographics are excellent ways to deliver your content to the market in a visual way. A article states infographics are shared and liked up to 30 times more than other content. Hence the viral potential is always there.
 Marketing tips to gain valuable customers.

2. Lists.

Bloggers are discovering that lists, particularly top ten lists, perform better because they are easy to create and consume. Research by Mathew S. Isaac and Robert M. Schindler entitled “The Top-Ten Effect: Consumers’ Subjective Categorization of Ranked Lists” and published in the Journal of Consumer Research reveals that people use ranked lists and exaggerate the differences between them. Numbers ending in 0 or 5 were the best.  Why are top 10 lists favorites? A few reasons include:
  • Stories or posts with “Top 10” in the title get clicks
  • The information meets a specific need
  • Allows the writer to break down complicated topics into smaller parts
  • Content is readable/skimmable
  • Offers extremely flexible format choices, such as text, images or videos which can entertain, inform or educate

top 10 lists make it easier to connect with valuable customers

3. Success Stories and Case Studies.

We love stories and the importance of storytelling is well documented. A good kind of story always follows a 3-act structure which includes;
  1. The setup – where the time and place created for what clients are most expected to be like, how to behave and to do.
  2. The confrontation – the protagonist finds solutions to his/her issues, only to end up finding bigger bottlenecks and more major problems.
  3. The resolution – a story is then brought to the final climax and its intense moment.
When you tell stories with highs, lows, and obstacles overcome, you’ll make an incredible connection. People will want to hear about your products; and, you should be in a position to tell them. Since case studies come in different formats, it’s a rare content made for storytelling.
Besides, when creating a case study, you should remember to:
  • talk about successes and defeats
  • make the story about them

Last 3 social media marketing tips 

4. How-to Guides.

When you are contemplating writing a guide on your blog, go long. A perfect blog post has about 2500 words. This implies the more detailed the article, the meatier it becomes and, most likely it’ll get read and shared. Research on this indicates an ideal blog post is an 8 -minute read, which is approximate to 2,600 words:
When creating a how-to guide, you should remember to:
  • Fill a need or solve a problem for your client. A comprehensive how-to guide is helpful if it solves a real issue for your audience.
  • Break it up. Create quotes, checklists, and simplify the information with the aid of bullet points.


5. Personal Stories.

It’s no secret when it pertains to social media that emotions dominate the day. So, push their buttons. Engaging on an emotional level is a brilliant way of connecting with them. Personal stories may come in many forms and shapes such as:
  • Personal essays. Stories shared through an experience that changed you or taught you something.
  • Opinions/rants. Be provocative. Get it off your chest and readers may do the same.
  • Inspirational tales. A better way to engage an emotion is to tell someone a story that may touch them. Many inspirational tales have a great way of performing this.
When sharing inspirational tales, remember to:
  1. Inspire, not bait: It’s very easy and also tempting to rant about things only to rev up emotions. But, this is not a wise idea unless you care or are passionate about a given issue.
  2. Be vulnerable: Writing tutors will often tell you that there’s a secret to good writing. Learn to be sensitive and open to yourself.

tools and resources used for social media marketing that help entrepreneurs gain valuable customers

6. Resources and Tools.

Resources and tools may be a better way of delivering value to your audience. At the same time, you’re working with a content type that is not work-intensive. When creating lists of resources and tools you should remember to:
  • Create a long list: A long list can deliver great value and cater to a broad variety of clients.
  • Do not forget about the visual aspect. Graphics are paramount since they can help in breaking up text and make them easier reading.


Breaking into your customer’s social media channels is critical for a successful marketing campaign. The more types of content you use, the more intense your content marketing efforts will be. Content, irrespective of its form, should speak to its targeted audience — prospects who listen, share, learn and convert the data into meaningful information. Ultimately, they could become clients.
You can conduct a successful online marketing campaign to gain valuable customers by applying these 6 social media marketing tips.

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