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Monday Burning Question #3 – 5 Reasons to Hire a Social Media Manager

Can you name 5 reasons to hire a social media manager?

  1. To develop the plan.
  2. Respond to customer service requests.
  3. Create unique, compelling content.
  4. Monitor and analyze campaign results.
  5. Gain free time to focus on duties you enjoy.

Call to Action

List more reasons to hire a social media manager below. if you need help with developing and running a social media campaign or to create/update your social media profiles, PM or email me. For more Smart Business = Success Tips and Secrets, click here and grab our FREE Ideal Customer Persona worksheet.

2017 Smart Goals

Have you Identified your 2017 SMART goals and objectives? Answer this MONDAY BURNING QUESTION below. When asked what is the 2017 goal of your business, many entrepreneurs say, “Get more business”. Yet, “get more business” is a vague response. It’s an “unfocused” one, that, in my opinion, means you haven’t set any goals. You are… Continue Reading