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90-Day Mentoring and Practicum Program

90-Day Mentoring and Practicum Program

November is my business anniversary month, and this year I am celebrating 27 years as a practicing, professional business strategist and Virtual Assistance business owner. Hooray!

As part of my giving back to the VA industry, I have, in prior years, conducted mentorship programs, and I’m doing it again this year. (You will NOT pay a fee to participate. Like I said, I’m giving back!)

My area of expertise is business plan development, digital marketing and event planning and promotions. As a member of the program, I will share my knowledge and expertise and provide mentorship specifically in these areas (based on your individual needs). If you need help in one of these areas or want practical insight and training in one of these areas, keep reading.

After reading about your responsibilities, if you are still interested, complete this form and let’s go from there.

Your Responsibilities

Participants must attend two online meetings a month, a one-on-one for your specific needs/assignments (and yes, I give homework and hold you accountable), and one group session to discuss general business topics, group mentoring, etc.

I will be available via online meeting room, Skype chats, and email. All sessions will be recorded.

Finally, we will complete a group practicum assignment to apply the strategies/principles you learn.

Note: I am a very direct person and a straight shooter, so if you are super sensitive and easy to get your feelings hurt, our styles may not match.

Interested, complete this form and let’s go from there.

Looking forward to chatting with you soon!

It’s Important to Attend Conventions and Conferences

It’s Important to Attend Conventions and Conferences

Just because. Virtual Assistants are working from an office in their homes, somewhat situated away from other humans, connected only by a computer, the Internet, a telephone, and maybe “colleagues” in forums or mastermind groups. Circumstances like these are surely enough reason for encouraging an online entrepreneur to seek out and to attend conventions and… Continue Reading