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Business Transcription

Benefits of Outsourcing Focus Group, Insurance, Investigations and Interview Transcription to Us!list of business transcription services

A typed record of all conversations pertaining to important legal, financial and marketing decisions in your business is important. Having an expert business transcription service provider that offers security protocols, confidential services, and top-notch accuracy ensures you receive error-free transcripts.

Instead of struggling with difficult accents, distortions, background noises and hours of editing, save time, money and be more productive by outsourcing your business transcription requirements to an experienced company that has been providing professional transcription services since 1990.

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Business Transcription Services for Focus Groups / Interviews

We transcribe your standard, micro cassette or mini cassette tapes. Transcripts can be saved to disk or transmitted via Email, FTP, DropBox or SendThisFile.

Business Transcription for Speakers / Moderators / Authors

Recorded talks, speeches, lectures and/or interviews are quickly transcribed to your specifications. Select from five methods of return: disk, email FTP, Dropbox or SendThisFile..

Business Transcription Services for Teleseminars / Insurance Cases

We prepare a verbatim record of teleconferences for meetings, permanent records, and distribution to meeting attendees. Insurance and claims processing interviews are also transcribed to client specifications.

Business Transcription Services for Books / Dissertations

Writers spend a lot of time developing ideas. An easy way to collect your thoughts is to record them on paper, tape recorder or digitally. We can transcribe all formats and return your ideas via email, FTP, Dropbox, SendThisFile,or disk.

Business Transcription Services for Police / Fire Departments

Confidential taped interviews, reports, wire taps, witness / suspect statements, traffic reports and other confidential conversations are transcribed to specifications. Work is returned via encrypted, secured email, FTP, US mail or overnight delivery.

The 24 Hour Secretary is your Business and Tape Transcription Headquarters

Our  professional transcriptionists have the attention to detail and skills required to produce accurate transcripts and provide timely delivery. Examples of our business and tape transcription capabilities include:

  • Oral Histories
  • Conferences
  • Traffic Accident Reports
  • Insurance Investigations
  • Roundtable Discussions
  • Symposiums and Consortia
  • Annual Meetings
  • Office Overflow Work
  • 411 Calls
  • Phone Calls
  • Focus Group Meetings
  • Claims Processing
  • Board & Brainstorming Sessions
  • Surveys & Market Research
  • Press Conferences
  • Strategic-planning
  • SessionsSeminars
  • Taped Interviews
  • Security Interviews
  • Investigations
  • Correspondence
  • Training Seminars
  • Sales Meetings
  • Much, Much More

So, no matter the specialty, The 24 Hour Secretary’s Business Digital and Tape Transcription Services team is your BEST choice. To start immediately, call 1.443.802.5968, email us or complete our request for quote form. Click to learn about the benefits of using our Digital Dictation – Audio Transcription services.