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Fast, Reliable, Confidential Legal Transcription Services

Professional legal transcription services for the legal community

As the legal transcription services company for law firms, paralegals, insurance investigators, and other legal professionals, we provide quality work and meet your strictest deadlines. Our custom transcription formatting includes speaker identification and more.  All our work is performed by native English-speaking transcriptionists who are based in the US.

The 24 Hour Secretary is responsible for providing accurate and timely transcripts of all types of legal documents:

  • correspondencelegal transcription services
  • depositions
  • interrogatories
  • meetings
  • interviews
  • phone calls
  • pleadings
  • training sessions, and
  • events and announcements, etc. 

We are your BEST choice for legal transcription services because we provide the four most important elements necessary to meet the highest standard of transcription excellent:

  • cost effectiveness,
  • maximized document security,
  • confidentiality of information and
  • speed of turnaround.

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Most transcription companies meet one or two of those criteria. The 24 Hour Secretary exceeds EACH and is your BEST outsourcing choice for legal, business, medical, and analog transcription services.

Legal Transcription Services available 24/7

We develop a one-on-one relationship with our clients because we want to earn and keep your business. You can communicate directly with our main office and the president of the company at any time. She is only a telephone call or e-mail message away.

One-Stop Shop for Legal & Investigations Transcription

The 24 Hour Secretary’s legal transcription services help you collect the most from your information, capturing it quickly, accurately and cost-effectively, and then helps you share it – across your company and with a wider audience. Our legal transcriptionists process all types of .wav, mp3, digital, video, CD and cassette tape recordings and delivery options include email, fax, FTP, remote printing, courier and postal mail.

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