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HIPAA Compliance

Medical Transcription Services – HIPAA Compliant

The 24 HoDoctor dictating to medical transcriptionistur Secretary has implemented the necessary policies, procedures and systems in response to the requirements of the HIPAA Final Rule of February 20, 2003. Under this, The 24 Hour Secretary meets the requirements as set forth therein by the dates and deadlines imposed by the Final Rules. These areas include but are not limited to:

  • standards for administrative simplification, including the standards for electronic transactions, the national standard health care provider identifier, and the national standard employer identifier;
  • standards for electronic signatures and the security of electronic individually identifiable health information; and,
  • standards for privacy of individually identifiable health information.

Medical Transcription Services

Commitment to our Business Associates

The 24 Hour Secretary has developed and implemented the necessary Business Associate Agreement, protocols, methods, practices, software and the like which insures the meeting of the security required for the maintenance of the confidentiality of PHI (Protected Health Information) as well as the security and encryption methods and applications to insure the security of our systems, products, applications and networks.

The 24 Hour Secretary believes that the continued successful implementation of the standards for administration simplification, in great part, will depend upon the parallel efforts of its business partners. Similarly, to the extent that protected information in The 24 Hour Secretary’s databases is accessible to its business partners, the cooperation of those business partners has been essential in the design and implementation of the security mechanisms, such as for access control, authorization control, and user authentication. The 24 Hour Secretary is prepared to work with its business partners who are HIPAA covered entities to ensure the timely and effective implementation of our respective compliance plans.

As a member of the nation’s largest Application Service Provider network, offering access to quality, affordable technology for the healthcare industry and its providers, The 24 Hour Secretary is committed to ensuring that its services, systems and operations can be integrated into a user environment that will support ongoing compliance with the electronic transactions, security, and privacy standards as currently regulated under the Final Rules of February 20, 2003. We look forward to ensuring that our clients will continue to have at their disposal the tools to meet the evolving demands of consumers and federal regulations in the areas of security and privacy of PHI.