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Quality Assurance

Transcription Quality Assurance Program

Integrated support from start to finish

Most companies do not offer integrated workflow as part of their Quality Assurance capabilities, but The 24 Hour Secretary manages quality control both from an operational and technical perspective.


Our medical transcriptionists are certified medical transcriptionist and/or have completed five or more years of employment in the medical transcription field where wide ranges of medical terms are transcribed. Legal transcriptionists and paralegals have a minimum of three years or more employment in legal offices, courts or as scopists. Even though experienced, The 24 Hour Secretary requires every transcriptionist to go through a training program to familiarize themselves with the mechanics, templates, dictators, etc., of an assigned account and to qualify for work on designated accounts. Their work is routed through The 24 Hour Secretary’s Quality Assurance process until the trainee proves consistently competent. All transcriptionists must meet our Quality Assurance standards within 90 days or they are released from contractual arrangements with our company.

Upon hiring, transcriptionists are thoroughly trained and tested on all aspects of HIPAA compliance and security issues. Training is conducted regularly to stay abreast of industry events and new policies that will further strengthen HIPAA compliance within The 24 Hour Secretary’soperations.

Each QA manager is responsible for proofreading and correcting as well as providing training feedback to transcriptionists.

Client profiles are established for all accounts, storing relevant information that is assessable only to account managers.


The 24 Hour Secretary employs a stringent set of protocols to govern the transmission, processing and storage of all work that comes into, is stored at, or leaves our facilities. We use the latest technology available to maintain a thorough audit trail of all data and to assure that the highest level of security and privacy is upheld.

Production Procedures

Rigorous documentation is created to establish an error-free audit trail of records from the moment they come into our facility. We employ both paper and electronic based audit trails to guarantee that all work is completed on time and documentation is tracked and accounted for. System access is granted at different user levels and all users are required to present a valid user ID and password to gain access to an application. All user activity is tracked and logged for a complete audit trail. As documentation is received at the processing center, it is logged, assigned a production number, counted, placed in batches, and assigned batch numbers prior to being processed by the dedicated transcription team. This allows the service provider to track, identify, and verify the production process.

HIPAA Compliance Officer

The 24 Hour Secretary’s Security and Privacy Officer oversees any activities that are related to the development, implementation, maintenance of, and adherence to all policies and procedures that cover the privacy of, and access to, patient health information and other confidential materials. The Privacy Officer also reviews, revises and formulates all policies necessary to guide the proper transcription of medical records. She also assists in the development of training materials and systems to optimize The 24 Hour Secretary’s HIPAA compliance.

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