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Virtual Assistant Services

Thomas Leonard AwardVirtual Assistance 24 Hours a Day

  • Many small but important tasks are still on your “to-do” list.
  • Sometimes there aren’t enough hours in your day and you need a few extra hands to complete a task.
  • What you wouldn’t give for an assistant as totally dedicated to your success as you.

Our VAs are proficient professionals. We handle duties and reduce your ‘to-do’ list. What would you give for an assistant totally dedicated to your success? Below is a short list of responsibilities we can assume. Contact a representative at: 443.802.5968 or 888.254.7636 or Request a Quote today.

Appointments Appointments

Bookkeeping Services Customer Relations Management

Customer Relations Management Database Management

  • Calendar management
  • B2B appointment setting
  • Client visit appointment
  • Making business and personal
  • Follow up calls to clients
  • Customer satisfaction survey
  • Managing CRM database
  • Quotation and sales order management
  • Maintaining service records
  • Basic/Complex database creation
  • Web based database
  • Record/entry sorting
  • Add new contacts

Email and SupportEmail and Support

E-LearningMarket Research

 Sales and MarketingSales and Marketing

  • Managing and sending out emails
  • Answering queries via email
  • Customer Support
  • Sending follow up or reminder emails
  • Ticket based email management
  • Online chat for your website
  • Studying growth of various areas related to your campaign
  • Create lists of companies or individuals
  • Market trends, segments, customer groups, demands,competitors and key players 
  • Web or Internet based links updating
  • Advertising options
  • Marketing plan preparation
  • Implementing new strategies
  • Email marketing
  • Internet marketing


Spreadsheets and Presentation Spreadsheets & Power Point Presentations

Market ResearchTranscription Services

  • Search engine optimization of your website
  • Key word research
  • Internet Marketing
  • Social Network Marketing
  • Article Writing, Article Submission, Press Releases
  • Excel spreadsheet – creating, updating
  • Professional power point presentations
  • Organize information
  • Digital Dictation, interviews, business meetings
  • Legal, depositions, briefs
  • Medical transcription
  • Conference calls, focus groups, press briefings, lectures
  • Radio shows, discussions, seminars
  • Standard-micro-mini cassettes

Meet The 24 Hour Secretary’s Virtual Assistance team, your experienced virtual work partners committed to your business growth. Assign responsibilities that bog you down, consume too much time, or you just dislike… to experienced, professional Master Virtual Assistants.

Gain time for the enjoyable and income-generating aspects of your business, family and friends by completing the Request for Quote form or contacting us at 443.802.5968. A representative will be in touch shortly.