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Why Partner with a Virtual Assistant

Why Partner with a Virtual Assistant


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I Wish I Had Time

Would you like a few extra hours per month to spend with family, read a good book, or indulge in a hobby?

Want more time to devote to the income-generating aspects of your business?

Tired of spending hours handling routine paperwork and mundane tasks? Consider retaining the services of a Virtual Assistant (VA).

It may be difficult to grasp the concept of retaining administrative and office support services “virtually”. Most entrepreneurs are familiar with brick and mortar services, someone sitting in front of your office door, answering phones and processing paperwork.

However, with the advent of new Internet technologies and software enhancements, an offsite assistant can be your technology guru and problem solver, providing administrative, secretarial and executive assistant support services from her home office.

Cost Effective Choice

It can be cost effective to work with Virtual Assistants (VAs). Why? You pay for time worked and schedule work only when you need assistance. Staffing agencies often require a minimum hourly commitment while VAs offer several service options:

  • Partnering (retainer) relationships – client contracts based on a retainer arrangement for a specific number of hours of service each month.
  • Special projects – clients use the VA on an as needed basis as projects arise.
  • Co-op – VA acts as a multi-task project coordinator and shares tasks with other Virtual Assistants.

If your estimated earnings is $200.00 or more an hour, the value of the time you spend performing administrative tasks is also $20.00 an hour. But, if you pay a Virtual Assistant $50.00/hour, that same $200.00 can garner four hours of professional administrative support services and provide time for other activities, such as servicing clients. When you factor in no benefits, overhead, equipment costs or training, it is an even more attractive option.

Minimum # Hours/Day # of Productive Hours/Day Hourly Rate Cost
Onsite staff (including benefits)


6 $50.00 $500.00

Temporary staffing (including fees)

$50.00 $300.00

Virtual Assistant (no hidden costs)





Check Credentials

Like most businesses, not all virtual assisting firms are created the same and some online businesses outsource assignments to offshore, low cost workers. When choosing your virtual work partner and to avoid potential problems consider the following:

  • If the candidate is in a different time zone will it influence when you receive your finished product
  • If the client’s language is not their first language, will your work require additional editing
  • What will happen if the candidate’s language is not their first language, will your work require additional editing
  • What will happen if the candidate does not complete and deliver the project on time

The staff of some firms have been tested and credentialed by various accreditation organizations. You can save yourself from anxiety by checking the credentials and experience of the VA you are considering.

Consider your Options

Whether you opt for a temp agency, hired staff, or partnering with a Virtual Assistant, administrative support is a worthwhile option to consider. It could be one of the most valuable and cost effective business decisions you make.


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