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Social Media Marketing & Management

Our internet marketing and content management team use tools such as social media, Web analysis, email marketing, research and search engine optimization to listen to what’s said about your brand, your competition, and topics that are of interest to your audience. Using strategic thinking, the Customer Acquisition Team:

  • Makes sure your social media goals align with your business objectives
  • Integrates goals into your brand communications
  • Develops your online marketing strategy

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Transcription Services

From initial contact to transcription completion, your work is monitored by a project manager, performed by an experienced, dedicated transcriptionist, and reviewed by a staff editor.

  • Medical Reports, Letters, SOAPs, etc.
  • Legal Correspondence, Depositions, Hearings, Interrogatories, Notes
  • Meetings, Conferences, Focus Groups, Interviews, Insurance Investigations,
  • Podcasts, Workers’ Comp Hearings, Training Sessions, Hearings, Google Hangouts, etc.

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Admin & Secretarial Support

If you need someone to manage your day-to-day operation,pitch in on an as-needed basis,  support your onsite staff, oversee special projects, or help you meet short deadlines we’re available.


Our Virtual Business and Administrative Support Team provide the highest level of adaptability, flexibility, and competitive edge client seek. From document processing to record keeping to database management and communicating with clients and vendors our team can help.


A few hours of traditional or non-traditional admin and secretarial support per day, week or month frees you to focus on revenue generating responsibilities. Click here to learn more, call (888)-254-7636 or complete the Request for Quote form.

What our clients say...

Dana Mayer

Business Development Coach

“Some of the things I really found valuable about my virtual assistant were . . . convenience, professionalism, knowledgeable, highly competent, reliable.

I would recommend their services because they are professional and offer a comprehensive range of services, unlike some VA services which can only do a few of the things I need.

Talk about value! Using the VA services provided as a member benefit. It seemed too good to be true that I could get someone to help me with copy writing, web site updates, and my piles of paperwork, but it is true!”

Michael A. Mastracci

Mike the Lawyer

Call the 24 Hour Secretary first
“I wish I would have remembered the 24 Hour Secretary sooner but I am so glad I thought of Sharon when I was recently in a huge bind. While in Florida, with no help or contacts, and after spending hours of time on-line, combing through local ads and making many phone calls for assistance with so many varied tasks that needed to be done within days, I was frustrated, spinning my wheels, and feeling overwhelmed.” Mike the Lawyer

Dr. Alamezie Ojiaku

Ojiaku & Associates

“I’ve worked with Sharon since 1992. Whenever I call she responds. She was especially invaluable to me when I wrote my 1st book. She also assists with sales and marketing. I joined the monthly retainer program, and have access to all the administrative support I need. Her VA team is great.”

John Davey, PC

Mullen & McGourty

“You’re fantastic! I’ve spread the word to all my associates about your firm. I’ve even told my niece who is a college student. The transcripts are excellent and I wouldn’t recommend you if I wasn’t very pleased with your services.” Mullen & McGourty

Denise Tripoletti

Women's Community

“…We’ve just been extremely pleased and it’s obvious how Sharon is totally committed to client satisfaction. She gains an excellent understanding of her client needs…It’s been more than a pleasure working with you and I look forward to continuing our partnering relationship.”

Nancy Koran


“I found my virtual assistant to be very amicable and extremely professional. It was a pleasure working with Sharon and her team. She was quick and very thorough. She knows how to make a manuscript camera ready. Overall, I was very satisfied and impressed. I will definitely use Sharonís services again. I am so thrilled and delighted I found your site. Thank you very much.”

Glenn Hartman, D.O.

Cherry Tree Foot & Ankle Specialists

“Excellent service! It took only an hour to set up our account, and we began dictating immediately. Our invoices tell us everything we want to know about our dictations. Great system, great transcription!”

Julie Tereshchuk

Freelance Writer

“I’d never used a Virtual Assistant before – in fact, I’d heard about the concept for the first time at the previous week’s networking meeting – so my expectations were low. My virtual assistant soon raised those expectations – beginning with the initial phone call, which came within minutes of me entering my request on their website. It became a repetitive conversation, as I found myself repeating, “Oh – you can do that? That’s wonderful!

The job I requested was finished ahead of schedule, to my specifications and to the standard I would have expected of myself. They saved me from doing something I dislike, and freed me to focus on growing my business.”

Sylvia Acevedo

Presidential Commissioner, White House Initiative on Educational Excellence for Hispanics

“Sharon Williams is amazing. She is a wonderful, professional virtual assistant. She understands business and has a keen sense of priorities and needs very little guidance to handle your business issues. She is always professional, prompt, thorough and is proactive in solving problems. I would encourage anyone that needs assistance in managing their business to utilize Sharon’s 24 Hour Secretary.”

Dana Mayer
Michael A. Mastracci
Dr. Alamezie Ojiaku
John Davey, PC
Denise Tripoletti
Nancy Koran
Glenn Hartman, D.O.
Julie Tereshchuk
Sylvia Acevedo