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Why BIAS Marketing Attracts New, Loyal High-Quality Customers

Why BIAS Marketing Attracts New, Loyal High-Quality Customers


The right marketing strategy can attract prospects and gains loyal customers

Driving targeted prospects to your website, capturing their contact information and closing a sale can be difficult without four basic marketing elements:

  • building the relationship,
  • keeping clients informed,
  • aligning your brand and
  • selling (closing the deal).

When these elements are implemented properly, you have developed a B.I.A.S. towards your company, resulting in an advantage and influence over prospects that set you apart from competitors.

What is B.I.A.S. marketing that attracts new high-quality customers?

B.I.A.S. Marketing drives prospects to your website, increasing your ability to capture important contact information for future sales. When implemented correctly, you leverage your chances to identify, attract and capture targeted prospects and then turn them into loyal clients.

Elements of an effective B.I.A.S. marketing campaign include:

Building and maintain relationships. Develop an unfair advantage over competitors. Provide products and services that create two-way communication between potential prospects and your business. To accomplish this, first know who your target customers are. You can identify these individuals by breaking your ideal target audience into the smallest category possible of individuals who specifically want and need your services.

Once you have matched your product or service with the right prospects, focus on the problem that troubles them on a daily basis. Present your workable solution that solves the problem, and viola, you become their go-to person and problem solver. You have created the beginnings of a potentially profitable long-term relationship. Continue solving problems and you will have clients for life.

Inform. Provide information or resources for your customers. Become passionate about your clients’ customers and products. Gain their attention by supplying information that demonstrates your interest, expertise and commitment to their success.

For example, keep abreast of new technologies that may impact their industry, send informative articles, monitor trends, and introduce them to your network of non-competing clients. Implementing these actions may open doors for joint venture opportunities or affiliations.

Take it for granted that clients’ memories are short. They may not even remember you even when they need your services. Strengthen the relationships by communicating frequently and the doors for profitable business opportunities with remain open.

Tweet: The right marketing strategy attracts prospects and gains loyal customers. Align. Stay in tune with your branding or overall business objectives. Never forget your ultimate goals: creating long-term, profitable relationships and loyalty between you and your customers.

Ensure that every time you “touch” your client, i.e. communicate in some manner, the connection advances your objective and can be easily associated with your company’s mission and purpose. In other words, stay true to your own business objective and personality and at the same time, become a valuable asset in the client’s mind.

Sell. Supply methods to close the deal. Your ultimate goal is to make the sale. To accomplish this, create a clearly defined Value Positioning Statement (VPS), or as it is sometimes called Unique Selling Proposition (USP), and include the following as part of your B.I.A.S. Marketing strategy:

  • Market your solutions and benefits, not features, and integrate that core marketing message into everything you do
  • Assume your customers are unaware of everything you do
  • Communicate your capabilities regularly with a well-defined stay-in-touch program
  • Maintain an up-to-date customer database, regularly telling prospects what actions you want them to take
  • Make it as easy as possible for prospects to conduct business by eliminating risk
  • Make your website accessible and pull them in for the sale. Provide several ways for them to contact you and/or purchase your product.

B.I.A.S. Marketing will attract new, loyal, high-quality customers. Continue targeting prospects and they will come, purchase and return. By doing so, you will achieve your ultimate business objective of gaining loyal customers and creating profitable relationships.

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